Sinfoni Eroico 6 1/2" 2 way speakers


The Sinfoni Eroico two-way system is characterized by accurate and precise musical reproduction. The Sinfoni Eroico 65 woofer features a single glass-fiber cone, which offers an excellent stiffness to mass ratio.
No matter how complex the musical passage is the Sinfoni Eroico 65 maintains its composure by delivering realistic reproduction without smearing the soundstage or added distortions.
The woofers glass fiber voice coil bobbin features excellent heat disappation and light weight contributes to its low distortion and speed. To further ensure the low distortion the woofer features a newly designed acrylic spider adding to the control and reliability expected of Sinfoni | Quartorigo products. The stiff cast basket is strengthened by added thick front stainless steal ring minimizing vibrations. The soft dome tweeter is optimized to work both on and off axis delivering flat response to beyond 20kHz even while utilizing stock OEM tweeter locations. The perfectly tuned crossover network allows for a smooth response between the woofer and tweeter delivering homogenous audiophile quality sound.
Sinfoni Eroico, or Heroic in English translation is named appropriately considering the performance versus other brands' hi performance speaker offerings.