Installation Photos

Here is a small sample of our most recent projects


Audi A4 2015 


This customer wanted bass and a good radar to use on their daily drive. We custom installed a Passport 8500ci radar detector, JL Audio 12W6, HD 750/1 with bass knob, and a Custom trim panel 


Caddilac CTS-V 2012


 This customer wanted a full audio install with the some of our best products. We installed an Audison Bit Ten D Digital Sound Processor to build a sound stage and give the ultimate sound quality experience. They went with JL Audio HD 600/4 and HD 1200/1 amplifiers to power two JL audio 12W6 subwoofers. In the front doors we installed Focal KRX component speakers and in the back the Focal KR C130's. With such a high end speakers we Sound deadened the front doors and trunk to prevent sound loss in the doors. Lastly we build a customer trim panel for their subs with blue LED lighting for a finishing touch on a fantastic sound system.


Jeep Wranger Susan G Komen Edition


 One of our dealerships had a special request for a Susan G Komen Breast Cancer themed Jeep. We started off with a custom black and pink Jeep leather kit , Painted all of the vents and door panels to give the pink accent theme. We also did the exterior vinyl stickers on the hood, painted the wheels and custom doors. We wanted to make sure this customer was blown away by this Jeep and be a shining star for breast cancer awareness!


Chevy Pickup 1965



 We work on several classic cars and trucks such as this beauty! We installed 2 pairs of Focal EC165k, an Alpine CDHD149BT head unit, a JL Audio XD700/5 amplifier, and an Audiomobile Evo 8" subwoofer under the seat. This gave the 1965 truck a an upgraded quality sound system they can enjoy while cruising!


Harley Davidson 2013


 This guy really wanted to jam out on his bike. We hooked him up with a Kenwood KDCX998 Bluetooth Radio, 2 Hertz HDP4 amplifiers, an Audison Bit Ten Digital Sound Processor, 4 Hertz SV165.1 Speakers, 4 Hertz ST25 speakers, 2 Hertz SV200 8" mid bass drivers, and 2 Hertz ST44 Horn tweeters. You will definitely hear this Harley coming from far away!


Ford Starliner 1961


 Alpine X208U, 2 sets of Focal PC165F for the front and back door speakers, Sound deadening around each speaker to prevent sound loss, JL Audio XD700/5 amplifier, and Audiomobile GTS 10" Subwoofer,


Ford F-250 Platinum 2014


 Awesome JL audio truck install that demonstrates the ability to keep a stock system and still rock out. We installed a JL Audio Stealth box with a 13TW5 under the back seat, we put a JL Audio 600/4 on all four JL Audio C5 Component door speakers, we also used an HD750/1 for the sub, Sound Dampening on all four doors to prevent sound loss, and Customer Amp rack trim panel to top it all off.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 2017


 Another Great Example of not needing to change your factory radio to achieve an outstanding sound system. We made some custom pods that match the factory dash. These pods were made to hold the tweet and mid tweet for the Focal PS165F3 Flax 3 Way component speakers. In the back we installed some Focal PC165F coaxial speakers, Sound deadening on all four doors, In the back we built a custom enclosure for a JL Audio 10W6 subwoofer location where the factory sub was. We used the JL Audio 600/6 and JL Audio 600/1 amplifiers for the speakers and sub. In order to achieve a proper sound stage on the 3 way component speakers we installed the JL Audio TWK 88 to tune the system to it's full potential.


Mastercraft X25 2012


 Blurb about this install


Toyota Tundra 2013


 Alpine X009 9" Navigation Head unit with back up camera included. This radio is made specifically for the Toyota Tundra's. For sound we installed the Focal ES165KX3's with an extra mid bass driver on the front doors. On the back doors we did Focal EC165K Coaxial Speakers, we installed 2 JL Audio HD1200/1 and 2 Jl Audio 600/4 Amplifiers on the speakers and subs, for subwoofers we did 4 JL Audio 8W7's, Sound deadening on all 4 doors, and for sound processing we installed an Audison Bit One to tune the entire sound system.


Jeep Wrangler Dubai Edition


 On this Jeep we installed a custom fabricated box and amp rack that was kevlared to match the interior. We also installed the Alpine 8" x008u and a custom fabraction on the roll bar to fit 2 sets of component speakers. In other words this Jeep was made to be loud and fast!


Ford Shelby Raptor 2015


 We installed Focal Kevlar component speakers, an Audison Voce amplifier, Audison Bit one Digital Sound Professor and a JL Stealth-box under the back seats. Full LED RGB lighting system inside and out controllable by smartphone. We topped it off with some LED Rock lights for off-roading at night!